Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

When you sit down to eat after a 40 minute table wait you’re really not processing anything around you except how fast can you scan the menu and get the waiter to take your order. Sadly Hard Rock Cafe does not take reservations (I forget about this every time I go there) and I was ravenous.
Only once our order was placed was I able to sit back,take a look around and soak in the sights and (very loud) sounds of hrc. Coming here on a Friday night is like coming home. It’s been one of my favourite places in the city but sadly I haven’t been there for a very long time. I love the large space, the tall ceiling  and the rock memorablia. I love being able to relax with my drink and bob along to the music or dance around. However tonight wasn’t about the music or drinks, just the food.
We decided to get the nachos since I hear a lot of good things about it but I’m sorry to report it was a bit disappointing. The cheese was hard and I got the impression it had been waiting in the kitchen for a while before it got to our table so it had hardened and was just lumpy and awful. The onions jalapenos and tomatoes chopped on top were chunky pieces which I thought was a bit much for nachos. I would have preferred it chopped smaller. However honestly speaking I prefer my nachos plain with melted cheese and my salsa, but hey, that’s just me.
The dip or the salsa, was ok. Nothing fantastic though the dollop of sour cream helped, All in all it was not what I had in mind.
The girls had a Citrus salad and a Cobb salad. I didn’t try the citrus one as I wanted to save my appetite for the burger but my friend loved it. I felt the Cobb salad as great as it looked could have had a better dressing but despite that it was a good salad. I have to say the portions at hard rock for this tiny taster are massive. The salad could have been my meal. (Terrible I know but I am tiny !! )

Citrus Salad

Cobb Salad

Now I couldn’t decide between the beef burger with Swiss cheese and mushroom and the Hickory burger with bacon (slurp) so I was thrilled when we ordered both and shared 🙂 The burger per say was not bad at all,Big burger with a generous serving of french fries. I thought the fillings were great but something was missing and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Much later I realised that I like my meat just a tad bit wet. I felt there wasn’t enough juice from my caramelized onions to go with my really big chunk of beef. however that’s a personal preference I don’t know about everyone else because people kept raving about these burgers. I wasn’t disappointed at all but let’s just say it wasn’t perfect.
Hickory Burger
Swiss Cheese and Mushroom burger with extra Bacon
Perfect or not,the staff at hrc is extremely friendly. They always greet you with big smiles and the manager makes it a point to come to your table and see if you’re doing ok and if you need anything. We were more than ok and we definitely needed a doggie bag 🙂