Mocambo Meltdown

To everyone else Feb. 14th is Valentine’s day but to the tiny taster its daddy’s birthday and  the birthday boy tonight’s dinner was at Mocambo, Fort. I’ve always liked Mocambo. its one of the few places left which serves your good food at a decent price.
 We started with one of my all time favourites ,bacon and mushroom soup.  I love this rich creamy soup  full of bacon. I know for a fact this is a good soup because many people I know who usually never have soup lap this one up.  I always look forward to it but tonight I was disappointed.  The soup seemed heavier than usual (maybe too much cream?) and not as flavourful as it usually is.
Bacon and Mushroom Soup
My sister ordered a prawn starter called tit bits ,which put me off as soon as it came to the table with the over whelming smell of prawns. There is nothing more unappetising than being served smelly fish.  As the name suggests we expected small prawn nibbles, but got smelly prawns doused in a thick spicy masala sauce. The kind of spicy that’s great in a curry not  a starter. Not what we imaged the starter to be.
Prawn Tit Bits
My mum and sister opted for a light dinner and sandwiches . Mum grumbled as her Chicago grill sandwich was cold but the super combination of beef egg and cheese in a sandwich made up for it. My sister stuck to her tried and tested Big Ben sandwich and was pleased. I suppose bacon and cheese on toasted bread isn’t going to ever disappoint.
Chicago Grill
Big Ben
Daddy ordered a house favourite the Carpet Bag Steak, a big chunk of beef, slit down the middle  stuffed with cheese and mushroom. It must have been dad’s birthday, because that was perfect and the birthday boy enjoyed it because he wiped his plate clean.
Carpet Bag Steak
I think it was one of those nights when everyone except for me had a good dinner . I ordered pasta in a cheese sauce with mushroom and prawns and what I got was pasta in white sauce with prawns that smelled. .. . I think a lot of restaurants don’t understand the difference between a cheese sauce and a white sauce with an insignificant amount of grated cheese. And there’s no forgiving food that smells like bait. Someone once said you eat with your nose and I couldn’t agree more.
Pasta with Prawn Mushroom in Cheese Sauce
My sister’s espresso praline cake, was literally gone in 60 seconds between her, mum and dad. By now I was so dissapointed with my dinner that I didn’t really feel like dessert but I’m glad I ordered one because the Banoffee pie made up for my mediocre meal. Banoffee is a banana and toffee pie. I really like banana in my food specially cakes and breads. This pie had a perfect pastry base, excellent toffee, yummy bananas and generous amounts of cream.  I was seriously contemplating another helping but decided not to be greedy.
Expresso Praline Cake
Banoffee Pie
To be honest I was disappointed as I was expecting a better evening, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say maybe I ordered wrong or it was a bad day( we all have those ).I must mention here that the staff at Mocambo were extremely polite and  friendly. The waiter serving us didn’t let his smile slip even once and oddly enough that seemed to placate my anger. I guess it’s true; a smile really does go a long way.  However I’m not going back anytime soon unless of course I have a Banoffe craving 😉