Deli Dallying – Indigo Delicassante

When you walk into Indigo Deli at the Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, you notice a number of things. It’s got a little shopping counter at the entrance for all your quirky kitchen buys. As well as many deli counters with meats and cheeses, salads and an enticing dessert counter to choose from. It has an open kitchen with the novelty of watching chefs’ bustle about preparing your meal. With the waiters waltzing up and down the aisles, all I can think is wow it’s busy!
This isn’t my first visit to Indigo Deli at Parel, but I’m partial to their outlet at Colaba, which I’m probably in love with and regulars will refer to simply as The Deli. I hadn’t had pleasant experiences at this one so when I was out numbered at the dinner vote I wasn’t really excited about the venue.

However hunger pangs trump everything else and the girls were very excited so we settled in at our table to scrutinise the menu.

We kicked off our meal with the complimentary bread basket which I’m addicted to- bread and its one of those rare occasions that I indulge in my bread and butter. They also serve a house mustard which is a big hit with almost everyone I know.

Esha opted for a lighter healthier meal – a grilled chicken, which was perfectly seasoned and accompanied by a beautiful creamy mashed potato.
Grilled Chicken

 I always think it’s really hard to get a good vegetarian burger(mainly because I believe a burger can NEVER be vegetarian) but Sugandha ordered a corn crusted potato and jalapeno burger with creamy feta, for dinner and was pleasantly surprised. It was a sweet burger with a crispy corn potato patty and the burger bun lightly toasted. However the burger was a bit dry and she felt something was missing. It wasn’t bad, just different.
Corn Potato and Jalapeno Burger with Creamy Feta
I felt more indulgent and ordered a farfalle with three mushroom ragouts. (Button, shitake and morel) I have to admit this rich creamy mushroom pasta is an all time favourite and I order it almost every time I go but what can I say? It’s divine. It’s also a LOT as the portions at the Deli are generous. It’s a pleasure to feel like you’ve really eaten your meal and not been served a paltry amount to later have mid night cravings. For the tiny taster who is ALWAYS hungry, that’s an excellent sign.

Farfalle with Three Mushroom Ragout
For dessert a chocolate mud pie melted to perfection with chocolate oozing out from all sides- this sinful mud pie was a chocoholic’s delight.
Chocolate Mud Pie
The red velvet cupcake was pure magic, moist soft centre with the creamiest frosting. It’s a smaller sized cupcake and disappears in 3 bites. It’s very hard to stop at just one, but the velvet ride had to end!

Red Velvet Cupcake

 The service was prompt and I had no complaints. This is very surprising because the last couple of times that I’ve been I was extremely annoyed, with my waiter not bothering and my food taking forever to arrive. I always feel that to most people these things are small or insignificant sometimes but to me, it just brings down the entire dining experience.
Tonight at some points through dinner I felt like the waiters tended to stare and watch you eat when there was a lull in the crowd. It’s odd to see someone from the corner of your eye watching you eat- it makes you feel guilty and watch how much youre eating!
Well aside from that, I’m happy to report tonight’s dinner was prompt and delicious as ever. Tonight’s meal and mainly service might just change my opinion on this branch of the Deli, but I’ll hold judgement till a few more visits.