Sizzling Sizzler !

When you’re a restless child with an over active imagination, you don’t really care about food. Dinner is so boring. Food is lifeless, but as you grow up, it changes, it gets interesting, and some might even say it sizzles now and again.  My cousin decides after all the Thai and lean, haute cuisine I’ve been sampling it’s time for meat and potatoes, and we find ourselves at Yokos in Fort, Mumbai.  This is comfort food at its best, hot, and piled high and plentiful!
A sizzler is served on a very hot iron metal plate with a wooden base. The plate is heated separately, then cooked food is placed on the plate and hot liquid (choice of flavour) is poured over so it starts “sizzling”. It’s usually served with meat or chicken along with vegetables and sometimes rice is served on the plate.
My cousin orders a lemon ice tea to go with his sizzler.  As an experienced sizzler eater with a self confessed tiny appetite I politely refrain. I don’t want to fill myself on anything except that mountain of a meal coming my way.
Lemon Ice-Tea
We are either superbly boring or predictable or just loyal customers as we order the same thing every time we come. His was a chicken satellite which along with its chicken piece comes with abundant veggies, cheese, mushrooms, and baby corn doused in sauce. Hats off to him because these sizzlers are huge and as most people share them he managed to polish off his all by himself baring of course a few peas and thinly sliced carrots. (I don’t blame him; nobody cares if you waste the veggies!!)
Chicken Satellite
I always make fun of him for ordering a chicken sizzler because a sizzler is NOT a sizzler really unless its beef! And don’t even get me started on a vegetarian sizzler (I know I’m going to be in so much trouble for this) however having said that and my very strong opinion on what a sizzler should be I do make an exception. One of my favourite things to eat is a prawn sizzler. I know it sounds odd and to most even ridiculous but I can assure you Yoko’s serves up one mean prawn sizzler.
Prawn Sizzler with Garlic Sauce
I ask for a prawn sizzler with garlic sauce, along with French fries, sautéed onions cabbage French beans and mushrooms. I don’t like too many vegetables with my sizzler but I like just a bit of cabbage which gives it a nice crunch. The prawns are big and generously provided dripping in thick delicious garlic sauce. To me it’s absolutely perfect. I also ask for a little extra sauce and they happily oblige.
Of course I can never finish my prawn sizzler but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s one of my most brilliant discoveries and it’s divine. My stomach is about to burst I’m starting to sweat I feel sluggish and sleepy after clearly over eating but none of that compare to how happy and satisfied I’m feeling 🙂