Food For Thought

Centuries ago, libraries were private or created at the behest of an individual.  Julius Ceaser wanted to establish one in Rome as libraries were signs of political prestige in addition to being centers of learning . Its come a long way since.  Our book stores are now centers of learning and eating! One of my latest discoveries is Kitab Khana, a throw back to the grandeur of yesterday, with a practical cafe to help you get your book, your bite on the go and carry on with your day. The relatively new bookstore hidden in the heart of the city. The wood interiors and charming ambience makes you want to sink into one of their arm chairs and read a book or admire the eye to detail that has gone into creating this space to make it a place for foodies and book worms.
The real discovery however is a little cafe tucked away in a corner called “Food For Thought”.  Its walls are covered with food related movie posters like Julie and Julia, Ratatouille, Chocolat etc. As far as book store cafe’s go it’s doing very well.
I thought a mid week afternoon  it would be relatively empty, but I was wrong.  It was almost full and there was a large table with a group of enthusiastic women, who I later realized were part of a book club- a loud book club.
I thought the menu was concise they had a choice of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and pastas along with hot n cold beverages as well as dessert.
Fresh Ginger Lemonade was my cousin’s pick but I refrained. Ginger in my food anytime, ginger in my drink- I don’t think so.
Ginger Lemonade
Potato wedges were perfect as always.
Potato Wedges
Tangy mushroom sandwich with jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes cheese and lettuce. It’s a filling dish served with French fries and could even suffice for a meal.
Tangy Mushroom Sandwich
Quesadillas were deliciously cheesy with jalapenos in them – gave it a nice kick. The salsa accompanying it wasn’t spicy at all but went very nicely with it.
Banana cake which was really an afterthought because we were quite full was a surprising delight. We could smell it before it reached our table. Generously sprinkled with sugar this moist cake was just the way to end our meal.
Banana Cake
The courteous staff and extremely prompt service adds to the pleasure eating at Food For Thought. The manager was friendly and kind enough to come to our table to ensure we were taken care of and if we’d like anything else. I also notice him making it a point to visit every table to make sure his patrons were satisfied.

I find this rare but such a nice gesture.  Like they say- the first impression is a lasting one. And my first impression tells me I definitely need to come back and sample the rest of the menu! And maybe this time I’ll pick up a book as well!