Mike’s Place – Goa Times !!

A holiday for the Tiny Taster is long overdue. So the past 5 days spent roasting in the Goan sun have been bliss. The change of pace, atmosphere and not to mention the food is so welcome. Walking back from the beach to our hotel we stumbled upon a local restaurant called Mike’s Place and decided dinner was at mike’s tonight!
People always ask me how I manage to eat so much? I’d like to point out that I NEVER eat anywhere alone and this time we were EIGHT of us. The Tiny Taster most definitely did not eat everything alone!
Butter garlic squid – this is one of my favourite things to eat. Goa or no goa I will eat butter garlic squid every chance I get! Squids a little tricky, because there’s a fine line between over cooking and under cooking it. Can’t have it too rubbery either. When it’s swimming in buttery garlic sauce is absolutely superb! Mike’s butter garlic squid was just that 🙂
Butter Garlic Squid
Crispy Chilli Chicken which was a very average Chinese dish- from an average beach shack! But were we to eat our words? Maybe.. Maybe not…
Crispy Chilli Chicken
Prawns and capsicum, tasted like your regular Indian Chinese Manchurian sauce. I suppose its fine if you wanted to eat Manchurian I just thought it would be different.
Prawns and Capsicum
Goan sausage plain and goan sausage chilli fry. The highlight of not just my meal but my trip was the Goan Sausage Chilli Fry. Brownish red tongue numbingly spicy goan sausage served with fried onions was absolutely my favourite. We ordered a plain Goa sausage as well which was basically the same but came without the onions. I much preferred the onions accompanying the sausage as I felt it had a nice crunch. This was not average Goa sausauge!!
Goa Sausage Chilli Fry

Sausage pulao was just what you need if the spice of the sausage alone was too much for you. The rice helps balance out the spice remaining delicious as ever.

Sausage Pulao
We wanted to try new restaurants as well but sadly didn’t make it in time and ended up dining at mike’s place twice this trip so this was the menu on day 2-

A repeat of the Goan sausage chilli fry (was to good not to eat again) .
Goan Saugae Chilli Fry
The Fish n Chips, were local rock fish, extremely soft n tasty however they had slightly burnt the fillet which annoyed me.
Fish and Chips
A tender and extremely well cooked beef steak with mushrooms. Tastier than most place which specialise in steaks.
Beef Steak With Mushrooms

The chicken salt and pepper was a complete miss. The opposite of a chicken salt and pepper. It tasted more like a Hunan Chicken with a slight gravy and sadly the chicken piece I popped into my mouth was inedible. I refused to try another.
Salt and Pepper Chicken
Prawn Masala was a not masala and a waste of prawns- it tasted like a kofta curry. Could have even passed off as butter chicken gravy. It was nice in its own way just a bit disappointing as we expected something else.
Prawn Masala

Like most places there were dishes which were a hit and some completely missed the mark. However I dont mind. The colourful cocktails, friendly waiters, good music just added to the charm. We enjoyed our selves enough to vist a second time.