Kadka Foodie Night With The Pet Pujari’s

This blog post is slightly different from what I’ve done so far. A friend of mine introduced me to this group of people who like to call themselves – Pet Pujari’s. The name is catchy, and based on that I wanted to know more. The group consists of self proclaimed food addicts who like nothing better than to eat and sample new treats.  They meet up twice a month for 2 events  – the fatka foodie night and the kadka foodie night. Some may think it’s corny but I think its brilliant!! The pujari’s meet up and dine at an expensive place on their fatka night (hence the name) and at a cheaper joint on their kadka night. The focus I’m told is always on food and anyone interested is always more than welcome.

This project is the brain child of Kumar Jhuremalani and Sushil Cherian. Kumar, an old friend has invited me on many occasions and something has always come up. This time I decided nothing was going to prevent me from attending my first pet pujari event.  Since it’s a kadka night everyone pools in Rs 200 for the kitty and we order a variety of food and share.

It was an open invitation so I decide to take 2 friends along and head to our first kadka foodie night at Bandra ever popular Carter Road eating stretch.  We started our food trek and our first halt was at Carter’s Blue for shawarmas.  I like a shawarma but can never ever finish one so thankfully we’re all sharing. Of course there are 2 people in our group who spent more than half their lives in the Middle East who politely ate their shawarma but insisted this was NOT a shawarma, just a regular chicken roll! The non shawarma professionals were too busy wolfing down their food to bother commenting.

Chicken Shawarma

Next stop was at Kepchaki’s Momos. I’ve heard tales of the great momo fellow at Carter Road but this was my first time eating here.  The pork momo’s I didn’t much care for while the chicken mint momo wasn’t too bad with a slight hint of mint. My favourite ones were the ‘Kepchaki Momos’ which was a mix of chicken and mushroom.

One of the many momo portions ordered

Something I tried for the first time was Fusion Fries. Anything that has fries in its name has caught my attention immediately. From choices like classic cheesy fries to oddly enough butter chicken fries this seemed like something I didn’t want to miss. The butter chicken and kadhai option seemed bizarre to me and decided on a much safer cheesy fries and a salsa option. In theory it’s a great concoction and you can’t go wrong with salsa sauce or cheese but I wish the fries were fresh and not the frozen  packed ones. I suppose you can’t expect the world from a roadside kiosk but at 80 bucks a pop I thought they were deliciously filling.

Fusion Fries with Salsa

Classic Cheesy Fusion Fries

Many chose not to opt for the fries and got themselves Frankies instead from the stand next door. I just managed to grab one bite and felt it was a little dry for a frankie. I would have preferred it a little wet but in one bite it’s very hard to comment. I shall go back and sample some more.

Chicken Frankie

Next up was a Chinese dosa which I haven’t eaten since college. I was most excited I got to sample some this time. I was introduced to what is called a ‘ jini’ dosa which looks almost like a Chinese dosa except it’s spicier as its Szechuan sauce based and doesn’t have the noodles in it that the Chinese dosa has.  A couple of bite of that jini dosa and my mouth was in flames! My personal preference was the Chinese dosa. Needless to say both dosa’s are extremely filling! Maybe I’m partial to the Chinese one because I have fond memories of sitting in my college canteen chomping away.

Chinese Dosa
Jini Dosa

The end of our food fiesta was with a trip to Aloha a teeny tiny place that sells mouth watering Mexican Paletas.  Paletas are actually famous in Latin America. It’s a frozen Popsicle usually made out of fruits. Paletas can be creamed based like strawberry cheese cake, peaches and cream and the mango cheesecake flavours they had. Or it could even be water based like the triple berry (which a lot of people found the flavours too strong) or the fruitalicious which had chunks of fruits in it.  The common consensus was the cheesecake ones sadly didn’t have much cheesecake texture.

Mexican Paletas – Fruitalicious
Mexican Paletas- Peaches and Cream

More than the food the highlight for me was meeting like minded people. Everyone who met up is just happy to meet new people, eat and enjoy eating! It’s nice to know you’re not the only oddball who’s constantly taking pictures of what you eat and there are people silly enough to travel half way across the city just for a meal, even if it’s from a stall by the side of the road. This might have been my first event with this bunch but most certainly not my last ๐Ÿ™‚