Ice Cream Works Reloaded !!

I reviewed Ice cream Works a couple of months ago and since then it’s become my favourite ice cream parlour in the city. Their latest outlet at Pheonix Mills in Lower Parel has an ice cream cafe, an extended list of ice creams as well as a small food menu.  For the tiny taster who is a huge ice cream fan this is too tempting to resist. So mid week I find myself seated in the spacious white interiored cafe, with its funky chairs and adorable wall paper with my gang of trusty tasters settled in pouring over what I can only call a booklet of a menu!  I’m not exaggerating. I love the way the menu is printed with bright colourful descriptive pictures accompanying each dish. It’s got a massive dessert menu with lots of new elements that get innovative with their core element – Ice cream!

Ice Cream Works

The Menu
Fun Desserts for Children

However tempting the desserts look my taste buds want to sample their menu first and we got right down to it.
The Italian herbed chilli cheese toast was cheesy a bit tangy with all the herbs and I have to say a lovely cheese toast. With chopped bell peppers, herbs and chilli along with a mix of 4 different cheese including parmesan and cheddar this was a yummy snack. It is served with a small pickled salad and wafers.
Italian Herbed Chilli Cheese Toast

The Buffalo mozzarella margarita pizza was a surprise. I was expecting it to be very plain and average tasting. Plain it was (not much more one can ask for from a margarita pizza) however average tasting it was not! I felt they may have had a little more cheese on the pizza. Not necessarily the buffalo mozzarella but whichever cheese they used on the base. I was superbly impressed with the pizza crust though. It was wafer thin and honestly the hero of the dish. It was so tasty I felt like ordering another pizza because I enjoyed the crust so much, so we did 🙂

Buffallo Mozzerella Magarita Pizza
We got the four mushroom pizza which as the menu states is cheese and 4 different types of mushrooms and no tomato sauce. Despite the menu stating no tomato sauce I felt there might have been a little but that only adds to how delicious this pizza was. Mushrooms finely chopped and sprinkled on a bed of cheese (more cheese than the margarita) and that superb crispy thin crust. I cannot complain 🙂
Four Mushroom Pizza
We asked for a Pesto Genovese grilled sandwich with herbed vegetables and emmental cheese on freshly made focaccia bread. I have to admit a vegetable sandwich isn’t my first choice but the emmental cheese enticed me. The sandwich was fresh crunchy and accompanied with a small pickled salad and wafers. We were all surprised with it as we weren’t expecting anything great with the sandwich but it was.
Grilled Herbed Vegetable Sandwich

The focus at ice cream works I’m told is to have a completely different menu from what you get at their older sibling Cream Centre. Having said that they allow one rather juicy exception.  What they like to call ’empire state stack em – onion rings’ batter fried onion rings flavoured with spices how could we possibly pass that up? They arrive on this cute pole resembling the empire state building and are at their oily crunchy best! If you’re watching your waist line I suggest you don’t order these  but like me if you’re feeling a tad bit nostalgic and remembering  the dozens of times you ate at cream centre and wolfed down those rings as a child, you’ll definitely get them.
Empire Stack Em – Onion Rings
In the spirit of a having a different menu, there are different types of nachos but with a twist. Instead of tortilla chips served its French fries with the cheese sauce. We opted for the nachos with mushrooms and cheese sauce. When it arrives at the table we’re a little taken aback. It’s served in a bowl with a huge dollop of sour cream; chopped bell pepper sprinkled over and fries around it. A side serving of salsa but I can’t help thinking where is the cheese sauce! Not to fret a creamy flavourful cheese sauce with mushroom is inside and after mixing it up a little and tasting it I have to admit it’s a fun twist on the traditional nachos.
Twist on Nacchos with Mushroom and Cheese
The food is a new addition to their menu of ice creams. But this ICW outlet, along with the food debuts its extensive menu of ice cream sundaes. You cannot possibly come here and not sample a sundae.  And gluttons that we are, we got 3!! first up and my personal favourite was the D.N Sundae, name after Mr. Dinesh Nath who use to order this every time he ate at Cream Centre many years ago. They discontinued it but decided ICW could definitely add it to its lengthy list of innovative sundaes from strawberry ice cream, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, mixed fruits, fruit jelly, strawberry sauce, waffle biscuit, whipped cream, pink cream stick and a cherry this one was just a glass full of fun!
D.N. Sundae
The best brownie hot fudge sundae has crumbling pieces of fudge brownie, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, fresh bananas (we asked for it without the bananas) hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate waffle biscuit and a cherry.
Best Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae
I thought the best brownie hot fudge sundae was big but it was nothing compared to the Cant Say No sundae. The name says it all for this treat. Well here goes – Hazelnut ice cream, chocolate ice cream, sticky toffee chocolate ice cream, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate corn flakes, crunchy rice crispies, fresh banana fruit, hot fudge sauce, 5 star chocolate pieces, whipped cream, a cherry, chocolate waffle biscuit and lots of chocolate garnish. If the glass and spoon it came with could have been chocolate as well I’m sure ICW would have included that in this insane chocolate mayhem dish! 
Can’t Say No Sundae
We left ice cream works feeling like I wouldn’t eat for another two days. That night I had a conversation with a friend boasting about my supersized meal at ICW and she very excitedly asked if I tried the pesto pizza… Err no. Did I try the different open sandwiches or the massive fondue or the ice cream pizza?? Suddenly my gluttonous meal seemed very incomplete. I report back to my troops and it’s decided, next week we head back for what we missed out on! And maybe another sundae or two 😉