The Chocolate Chapter – Chocolateria San Churro

Somebody once said, ‘ there are four basic food groups- milk chocolate dark chocolate white chocolate and chocolate truffles. ‘I know a lot of people who couldn’t agree more. If you’re a fan or a conessuier of chocolate you will live by this saying. I may not share the same enthusiasm for this globally accepted aphrodisiac but those closest to me seem to take their chocolate very seriously.  As I have been told on many occasions ‘ Roxy there is chocolate and then there is CHOCOLATE!! ‘Oh what would I know? To me it’s all the same. However all this changes as I’m schooled and educated on one long rainy evening spent at the palace of all things chocolate- Chocolateria San Churro at Breach Candy in Mumbai.

One of my friends who is a great fan of this place points out that San Churro is one of the only places that prides itself on using what is called Coverture Chocolate. To us ignorant folk this is the premium quality of chocolate available usually used only by professional bakers or confectionaries. Coverture chocolate is said to be tastier and of a far superior quality because it has cocoa butter rather than other chocolate. I wouldn’t know but my friend seems very impressed as she’s narrating this to me.
This chocolate haven is named after a famous Spanish monk who legend has it saved the Queen of Spain from a grave illness by giving her a special brew of chocolate. Miraculously the queen recovered and it seems chocolate was hailed as having special or magical powers.
We are no longer in the 16th century but I’m sure most of you reading this will agree with San Churro that this rich magical ingredient does indeed have special healing powers. The group I’ve come with most certainly believes it and has decided to order up a storm and do justice to this chocolateria.
First up is their Spanish Hot Chocolate. This thick brew of dark chocolate with vanilla bean essence seems perfect on cold dark gloomy days like today. 
Spanish Hot Chocolate
With one safe order of hot chocolate we thought we’d live a little and try their Azteca. A Mexican mix of chocolate, chilli and cinnamon. The combination isn’t what most people would jump for but if you’re a cinnamon fan then this is right up your alley. Don’t be discouraged by the chilli as the spice factor is so subtle it does nothing but enhance that cinnamon and chocolate goodness.

The Azteca

San churro signature dish is of course their Churros. Churros are very similar to regular donuts and in fact are called Spanish donuts. There are different theories as to where and how the churro originated. Some say it was brought to Europe by the Portuguese from as far as China. Some say Spanish Shepherds used to make them as substitutes for bread as it is easy to make and then fry in the open on a small fire. Though history may remain divided on how and where they came from, it will certainly agree that they are delicious. Served in many countries specially the Caribbean even as a breakfast dish this crunchy, sugared treat dipped in four different chocolate options (milk, white, dark and sugar free chocolate) is an absolute winner. Since it wasn’t a packed evening the staff at San Churro were nice enough to let me take pictures while they made the churros.

Churros with Milk,Dark,White and Sugar Free Chocolate

Some food is much needed to cut through all that heavy chocolate so we got ourselves two sandwiches. The jalapeno brioche sandwich was tangy with chopped jalapeno peppers, mushroom, tomato basil pesto and loads of cheese. The bread was soft packed with the sandwich filling that it was oozing out with every bite. The smoke chicken sandwich lived up to its name. The Smokey chicken and toasted multi grain bread was a filling and satisfying sandwich. 

Jalapeno Brioche Sandwich

Smoke Chicken Sandwich
One of my friends decided to gift someone a box of chocolates and thought their San Churro truffles would be a good gift. Of course we didn’t taste any but the staff was sweet enough to display them for me before packing them so I could get a picture because they looked like little drops of heaven.  

Something I quite enjoyed was their Strawberry Bizcocho. Traditionally a bizcocho is a pastry or cake however this was a slightly different bizcocho. A moist piece of chocolate brownie drowning in splendid custard with big chunks of strawberries some milk chocolate and chopped nuts. I could have done without the brownie and still enjoyed this because according to me the custard really made the dish, and sweet fresh strawberries just added to the goodness.
Strawberry Bizcocho
The Ice cream Sundae is an old treat that never disappoints. Generous scoop of chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie, oodles of whip cream and a handful of chopped nuts sprinkled on top. I think the word to describe it best is SLURP!!
Ice cream Sundae
This is everything I sampled but there was a regular chocolate shake and a mint flavoured chocolate milkshake also ordered. 
I think this might have been the most chocolate or assortment of chocolate induced items I have ever eaten at one time.  I’m not sure how soon I’m going to return or if it’s even possible for me to eat chocolate ever again, but everyone who joined me in this indulgent evening can’t seem to stop licking their fingers and are sighing in pleasure (also satisfied because clearly once again we’ve over eaten) I think I’m headed into a food coma but I can hear chatter about them planning their next visit to San Churro. I think they are stark raving mad but they look at me like I’m some sort of chocolate infidel. I suppose the chocolate loving comrades have found their new spot and for them I’m pleased. However I think my  chocolate consumption quota is done!