I’m in Pune for a couple of days and as usual I’m in a flurry because I have loads of things to do and always feel there’s very little time. I managed to squeeze in a quick lunch, to a place I haven’t been to before. Actually I have been to Terttulia about 4 years ago but  I didn’t eat anything and barely remember the place. Of course in the last four years it’s grown by leaps and bounds. Not only have they moved to a bigger location (they have an indoor ac section and a charming open air section) but they have tremendously expanded their menu. With sandwiches, hot dogs, pastas, risottos, burgers and even a separate specials menu this trendy and seemingly popular restaurant has much to offer.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a chilled beer on a hot sticky afternoon and that’s exactly what we had. When an order for curly fries is placed its possible I start beaming because as perfect as a regular French fry is, curly fries are just better.

Peach Ice Tea


Curly Fries

True to form k orders a massive grilled beef tenderloin with a healthy serving of mash potatoes and fried bacon on top with diced Portobello mushrooms and wine jus. He asked for it medium well and was satisfied till he got to the middle and it was red instead of pink. Not that it wasn’t delicious because he almost polished it all off but the middle bit was disappointing.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Mash Potato Fried Bacon And Diced Portobello Mushroom

N wasn’t up for a heavy meal so opted for a light fluffy omelette which served its purpose. He loves the food here and in fact he suggested it for lunch but just wasn’t in the mood for much.

The Fluffy Omelette
The Bread Basket
Predictable that I am, I read herb butter and garlic prawns with pesto mash potatoes and grilled portobello mushrooms and didn’t have to read any further it was perfect. There isn’t a thing to fault. Well cooked prawns with a large portion of mash  and big portobellos, this makes for one yummy and very filling dish.

No one’s in the mood for dessert and honestly I think the beer filled me up as well. An interesting find, I think I might just have to come back soon and sample the rest of the menu.