March Mayhem – Things Around The World You Don’t Want To Miss!

Every month something fun and exciting happens in different cities and towns all around the world. Some crazy people like to plan their travels around events like these. I thought it only fair to share my travel calendar and all the exciting festivals and events.  Get ready for the March mayhem –

Las fallas (fallas de valencia)Spain 1- 10th march – locals spend 5 days partying in this mad explosive fiesta/ carnival combination. From parades, pageants, fireworks this festival spells fun. On the last day they turn off all the city lights and set fire to hundreds of high quality paper machie characters filled with fireworks. That’s one way to end a party- Kaboomm !!!

Honen matsuri – the penis festival in komaki Japan 15th march – Don’t raise your eyebrows, yes you read it correctly. The Penis Festival or Honen Matsuri is held on the 15th of March in Komaki Japan.  The penis fertility festival is a celebration of fresh harvest and fertility- (spring time)with shinto priests playing musical instruments, lots of sake to drink and all you can eat and a fun filled parade the festival is an experience. Of course everything is penis shaped from the food you eat to the souvenirs you buy- EVERYTHING!

St. Patty’s day in Ireland 17th march – St patty’s day is celebrated to mark the death anniversary of St. Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland. Traditionally, the day is marked with church services and everyone wearing green. Now it is celebrated with more pomp and splendor and there is as much feasting as there is drinking. The mood is celebertoriy and the country abuzz with excitement.

Kreeffees festival, lambert’s bay south africa 22 – 24th march-  Kreef in afrikaans is the tasty lobster like crayfish and fees can be both a festival or a feast or in this case both. During the festival lamberts bay features plenty of gorging on fresh crayfish, concerts by South African rock musicians plus bungee jumping half marathon beer tends and more. For seafood fans this is one festival you will really enjoy.


Elephant festival in Jaipur 26th march – get a chance to watch the symbol of Rajput Royalty at its finest. The festival is celebrated with a procession of elephants finely decorated and dressed up for the occasion through the streets all heading towards the staduim.

Church Rocket War, RouketopolemosGREECE, Chios Island, Vrontados, on 30th and 31st March– two rival churches fire around 60,000 firework rockets at each other between 8pm on Holy Saturday and 0:30am Easter Sunday. A heaven-sent art attack? I think so!


So pick a country and plan a trip!