Adventurous Foods – Do You Dare ??

This was an article I’ve written for a website called Live In Style. It got a lovely response so I decided to share it on my blog. Enjoy –

Food is all about experiencing new things. But sometimes it’s taken to an extreme. If you think you can be adventurous with your palate and Andrew Zimmern from ‘Bizarre Foods’ is your food hero then this list is right up your alley. Not for the faint hearted but for the brave and daring to boldly go where most palates have never gone before!
Haggis – A Scottish delicacy, Haggis is a concoction of sheep’s liver, heart and lungs minced mixed with onions, oatmeal, suet (raw beef or mutton fat) and seasonings and then stuffed into the sheep’s stomach tied up almost like a sausage casing and then boiled for 3 hours. The description doesn’t sound most appetising but those folks brave enough to sample this Scottish savoury pudding rave about it. It is traditionally served with nips and tatties (turnips and potatoes) which are boiled and mashed and served with strong Scottish whiskey.

Fugu or puffer fish- For the ones who like to live on the wild side, this Japanese puffer fish is an expensive delicacy but also dangerous. It is only served in certain licensed restaurants and cooked by experienced chefs. If cooked incorrectly it has more poison than cyanide and you will be dead on your plate in a matter of minutes. If cooked well you will be kissing the chef and will have lived to tell the tale of your fugu experience.

Fugu – Puffer Fish

Hakarl –It is an Icelandic dish of decomposed Greenland shark. It’s amazing that anyone would want to eat a rotten fish but this shark is considered highly poisonous when eaten fresh. It has to be buried for 2 -3 months for the bacteria to get rid of the poison. It is then hung out in strips to dry for 4 -5 months before it is savoured by Icelanders. It sounds incredibly disgusting and even the smell is known to throw some of the most iron clad stomachs off before even sampling it. For all you dare devils, this is one dish that will truly embrace your Viking spirit; that is of course if you manage to keep your dinner down (Hakarl is in the center bottom bowl).

Casu marzu – Found mainly in Sardinia, this cheese literally translates to “rotten cheese”. It is Sardinian sheep milk cheese containing insect larvae. Some people clear the larvae from the cheese before eating it but some don’t. If the thought of eating cheese with worms in it excites you then this is right up your alley.
Casu Marzi

Ti- Hoeh-Koe- A good meal ends with dessert and so does this list. Only this is a cake with a twist. Ti hoeh koe is a Taiwanese pig’s blood cake. It’s made of pork blood and sticky rice and is either fried or steamed. It’s covered in a layer of peanut powder and some cilantro. Tastes best with a chilli dipping sauce. The ones that have eaten this unusual cake swear by it and if trying new adventures is what you want then this bloody cake is what we recommend. No pun intended!

Ti – Hoeh – Koe