Death By Dim Sum – Hakkasan Special !

If you know me even a wee bit you will know The Tiny Taster NEVER turns down an invitation to Chinese food. When you try and push boundaries and challenge me to a dim sum duel you must know that Tiny WILL out eat you. Those little bite sized drops of heaven will be the death of me but oh god are they delicious.

Once upon a time dim sums were rarely seen on any menu unless it was at an exclusive five star restaurant. Today you have them even being dished out from a road side stall! However, to enjoy a dim sum as it should be enjoyed, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. So when my trusty tasting pal decides to test out a recently launched all you can eat dim sum menu at the regal Hakkasan, I couldn’t have been happier.

Hakkasan is a prestigious Chinese restaurant with multiple outlets in various cities across the globe. As soon as you step into the elevator you’re introduced to the traditional Hakkasan Blue light. The restaurant experience starts in the elevator. The restaurant is quite large with a tall ceiling and a sense of openness even in an enclosed space. The main dining area is relatively bright with their signature blue light and sleek decor. Since the main area is reserved for restaurant week diners, I’m lucky enough to be ushered into their more discreet private dining area which is right next to their stylish and incredibly well stocked ‘Ling Ling’ Bar.

I would like to say I glanced  at the menu but in all honesty I just said “please get us one of everything’ and so commenced my dimsum duel.


Hakkasan has been generous and included their signature dim sum the’ edamame and truffle’ dim sum in this select menu as well so diners can try the specialty without having to order it separately off the menu. I can understand the fuss over the dim sum however if you are NOT an edamame fan you won’t enjoy this one. I didn’t mind it but wouldn’t repeat it.

Edamame And Truffle Dumpling

The chicken dumpling in Beijing sauce/Yakatori sauce is a fat plump dumpling served with some soy and spice and was delicious.

Chicken Dumpling In Beijing Sauce

 The Prawn and corn dumpling was a great one. I think prawn is probably the best dumpling stuffing but the combination of corn with it is a great one.

Prawn And Corn Dumplings

 A real surprise for me were the crispy duck rolls. I know everyone goes gaga over duck specially with the plum sauce and have it wrapped in pancakes and what not however I am just not a duck fan. I find it too dry as a meat and usually avoid it. Having said that I think I single handedly finished three portions of these crispy duck roll. This duck was like a spring roll with a crispy outer covering with the meat inside. I don’t know what they put in the meat or how they cooked it but for the first time I genuinely enjoyed my duck.

Crispy Duck Rolls

 Another delightful dish was the ‘pumpkin puffs’. We spend a good amount of time ooing and aahing once it was on the table because they were these adorably shaped little pumpkins. They looked so good it actually reminded me of toy food! Again I’m not a great pumpkin fan so was wondering how this would be however I have to say these soft, warm puffs were very enjoyable. My partner in crime finished two portions by herself! It’s really nice when a dish or an ingredient isn’t something you usually enjoy and then the restaurant turns it around and it turns out to be one of the most popular dishes of the meal. That is exactly what happened here at Hakkasan, twice in one meal !

Pumpkin Puffs

 In addition to these we enjoyed some chicken sui mai, crystal dumplings, exquisite pakchoy dumplings, shimeji which is vegetables and a Har gru which is water chestnuts and corn I think.

Chicken Sui Mai

Crystal Dumpling

Har Gau

Pakchoy Dumpling

Needless to say we indulged in multiple dim sum portions and just I thought we were done we decided to try some dessert of their regular menu.All this dim sum has got me in a lazy food haze and I didn’t really want to think of what to get so I asked the waiter to suggest and surprise us.

Another one of the special dishes is their famous Pandan souffle.

They warn you that it takes 20 minutes to prepare after you order it and I’m hoping it’s well worth the wait. This warm fluffy souffle was served with a coconut sorbet and might sound like an unusual flavour combination but I think it worked really well. Specially since the cold sorbet was a great compliment to the hot souffle.  

Pandan Souffle With Coconut Sorbet

 The white chocolate and mango sorbet dessert was interesting because the white chocolate was almost mousse like with a mild hint of chocolate and one bite of the cold sour mango flavoured sorbet  could almost send you into a brain freeze.  Two very distinct flavours with a hard caramalised chocolate almost waffer this dessert had a lot in it but all worked out well.

White Chocolate Mousse With Mango Sorbet

The dessert was an addition because this was my first Hakkasan experience and I wanted to absorb as much of the menu as I could. Having said that the special dim sum menu which was at Rs 1100 all inclusive, was an insane meal.  I think we sampled more than 10 different imsum dishes and we weren’t disappointed with even one.  Without either of us out eating the other it looks like this dim sum duel has ended in a draw. We don’t mind, for round two we’ll just come right back here and pig out again !