Nom Nom Or No No ?

Nom Nom is one of the latest restaurants to hit Bandra. In a desperate attempt to scout new restaurants I asked fellow foodies on twitter and facebook to recommend a new Chinese joint in Bandra and this seemed to be a popular choice. So off to Nom Nom I go with high expectations. Nom Nom doesn’t take any reservations at least not on a Saturday night so we took a chance and trekked there. Luckily we landed a table.


At first glance the decor seems to be rather soothing with its dark black and wooden interiors with a bat tucked away in one corner at the back of the restaurant.
The chicken basil dim sums were exquisite. Not the lumpy thick coated dumplings most places serve but a really light well made dim sum. Unfortunately, they didn’t serve any dipping sauce with it I had to ask and they gave me a rather oily garlic and chilli paste.
The prawns in oyster sauce were tasty and thankfully not spicy but a tad bit oily. 6 medium sized prawns in an orange-ish oyster sauce garnished with bells peppers made a reasonably good starter.


We were most excited about the stir fried squid in chilly basil but were left disappointed. The squid was rubbery and there was an overload of ginger. The sauce didn’t really coat the squid and once again floating in oil. I think the safest way to eat my squid from now on is in a butter garlic sauce.


The coriander garlic rice with chicken was a nice step away from plain jane fried rice and light enough to go with curry or gravy. I was seriously tempted by the Thai curry but eventually decided to try something new and ordered the prawns in chilli basil sauce which I believe is a Thai inspired dish. I found it to be a very average dish which seemed more Chinese I don’t know how this passed off as a Thai dish but nothing to write home about.

We skipped dessert because there wasn’t anything that jumped out and at this point we were a little underwhelmed. It’s not an expensive restaurant but not a cheap one either and I felt except for the dim sums and the rice the rest was very ok. I could have had ok at a number of restaurants I didn’t realise Nom Nom was one of those restaurants. After the high praise I had heard, I felt it was lacklustre and find most of the food greasy. Borderline Chin-Dian if you ask me and seriously slow moving staff for a restaurant that is packed and has people clamouring for a table. It took ages to catch my waiters’ attention for basics like water or a clean fork and I almost walked right up to him to give him my bill because it was just painful waiting for him to acknowledge and come. If I had to sum up my meal the apt word is average so it’s safe to say I’m not going back anytime soon.