This Pune trip like most usually turn out to be, was wonderfully hectic. With a cheese festival, judging contests and interviewing some lovely people for work, I managed to squeeze in a lazy lunch. After a while I enjoyed a nice lazy lunch with lovely company and tasty food. Soy is a restaurant I hadn’t heard of before but seems to be quite popular. Located on Bund Garden Road this restaurant with friendly staff and red themed decor seems like a relaxed place to dine.

My lung fung soup filled with prawn was lovely but the real surprise was the dimsums.

 People get very surprised when they hear I enjoy vegetarian Chinese food. I do however believe that some of the best dimsums are the vegetarian ones and in so many places end up being tasier than their non vegetarian siblings. Not only were the vegetable dimsums at Soy incredibly tasty, I was pleasantly surprised to see a generous portion of them. One basket had about 6 to 8 dimsums which is such a refreshing change from the stingy 3 dimsums served per portion in most Mumbai restaurants.

I can’t remember the name of the dish but it was a mixture of vegetables in a orange- red sauce which if you looked at it you’re think it was spicy but I found it slightly on the sweeter side.
The wolly chicken ( I have no idea why it’s called that ) had garlic and chilies tossed into a gravy with pieces of chicken which is eerily similar to say a Manchurian chicken but rather tasty.

The dish of day was their vegetarian burnt garlic rice. I thought burnt garlic rice was always vegetarian because it’s just rice and fried finely diced garlic but here like most places they toss some chicken in it as well. We asked for the vegetarian one and I think it’s possibly the best burnt garlic rice I’ve eaten. not just because of the incredibly generous portion of burnt garlic but also the diced vegetables mixed in the rice which along with the garlic gave it a lovely crunch in each bite.

 The date pancake served with a dollop of ice cream was fried like how of the Chinese pancakes ( I forgot about it being fried) and we were expecting it to be more crepe like. I found it strictly ok and quite honestly a dessert I wouldn’t order again but we thought we’d give it a try.

I’m happy I got a chance to experience a new restaurant in Pune other than the usual suspects and I enjoyed my meal at Soy. I’m told they do some Thai dishes as well so maybe next time I’m in Pune I’ll pop in again to try some more.