The Long And Short Of It !

A lot of my dinner dates include a group of 8 -10 boisterous forever hungry parsis who enjoy nothing more than eating drinking and making merry. Since this particular lot are such regular diners and marvelous restaurant enthusiasts, choosing different venues that everyone agrees upon can become a herculean task! This week we wanted to try someplace where no one has been to yet and zeroed in on the latest the Intercontinental Hotel has to offer – The Long And Short Bar. I forgot to actually ask them why they named it that but truth be told I don’t really care. I was expecting to find some snooty pish posh restaurant with diners dripping in pearls and priceless yet sometimes gaudy handbags on display but instead found a relaxed rather chic resto/bar.

I love its almost monochromatic decor including a stylish bar with adorable black swivel chairs that remind me of a 50’s barber shop and the beautiful flooring. There is even a small outdoor section available but I find it incredibly inconvenient to eat with the wind blowing my hair, traffic noise distrubing and of course those low tables and couches everyone thinks is incredibly fashionable but what noone realises is terribly uncomfortable while eating. However it’s ideal if you’re grabbing a drink or decide to smoke your cigar post a meal.

The menu is curated in such a manner that it doesn’t stick to a particular type of cuisine or style of cooking. They’ve soaked up inspiration from various cuisines and dishes and even given some dishes a couple of tweaks to make it their own version. Whatever you’re mood of the day is, I’m sure this Long and not so very short menu will have something that appeals to you. We were a big bunch so we did the rounds of various dishes mostly which were suggested by our server.

Our drinks were delicious and for the life of me I can not remember all the names but we sampled atleast half the cocktail menu and it’s all delicious!

The chicken stuffed dimsum is delicious and is served in a mild broth. Again it is a delight to see a well established restaurant serving more than just three measly pieces in one portion.

The Wasabi prawns are of course pungent and great for someone who enjoys wasabi. I however am not one of those wasabi loving people so instead I preferred their fried prawns, which are plump and golden in colour served with some burnt chili and garlic. Both dishes work as a great starter and possibly a good snack to nibble on while enjoying a round of drinks.

The lobster sushi was average though I’m told the asparagus one is lovely. I’m not an overall sushi connessiuor so I’ll let you decide which one you enjoy.

I think one of their best sellers undoubtedly is their pizzas. We tried a spicy chorizo pizza and a bbq chicken one and both were brilliant. In fact I’m enjoying a really well made pizza after ages and since I’m partial to red meat the chorizo was my favourite but the bbq chicken was equally delicious. There is great joy in eating good bread with cheese melted generously over it and toped with some good meat.

Menus have started experimenting with fusion food and the most talked about fusion is with Indian-ising pasta and risotto. LnS have a signature chello kebab risotto which in theory is great but somehow doesn’t quite translate on the plate. I find that it’s too rich a dish and not very exciting. Maybe a mix of a stronger Indian flavour to go with the risotto perhaps? It’s a good risotto but doesn’t make you tell the distinct difference between an Italian dish and the chelo kebab.

Their spaghetti aglio olio with prawn is spot on! A slight bit creamy and not something I would expect but it actually works really well. It was one of my favourites of the night.

They have tried to give innovate with certain dishes and give it their ‘ twist’. one such is their version of the popular Mumbai or as I like to call it the bombay chowpatty sandwich. Their version comes as an open sandwich with brioche some salsa and lots of cheese in addition to the chutney and potatoes. It’s an interesting idea but I didn’t think it was anything spectacular.

I was quite surprised to find a mutton biryani as one of their most recommended dishes but now I know why it is. It’s not the usual greasy oily rice dish but extremely tasty with ample tender mutton.

I think L&S seem to really get their meat right because we had a delicious tenderloin burger and possibly the best spare ribs. I’m not the biggest pork fan but I have to admit not only was the pork exquisite but the sight of that massive rib cage on a plate had us all drooling. Yup that’s us, modern day cave men getting excited over a good slab of meat!

Sadly their desserts seemed to have missed the boat. The peach melba cheese cake is the best of the lot we tried. It’s creamy enjoyable. The rocky road is one dessert that went terribly wrong. I think the idea was to introduce all the elements that people usually enjoy in a dessert but it was a little too much. With a bed of waffle , chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, tiny berries and even marshmallows it just didn’t work together.

The deconstructed apple pie is interesting but sadly a little too deconstructed for me. The essence of the pie is the cake and I felt this dessert had the apple in various forms and the crumble but not so much the pastry. It’s beautifully plated but doesn’t work for me.

I seem to have fallen in love with the ambience and decor and though my meal had some stellar dishes and some not very good ones, their breakfast menu has piqued my interest. So really the long and short of what I’m trying to say is I’d definitely come back here again for breakfast and more of their meats and cocktails