It’s been a crazy week and a half where I’ve had more meals outside than at home. A really good friend was in town which meant frequent lunch and dinner dates, new restaurants were opening all over, I received a much anticipated dinner party invitation and a rather intriguing one I couldn’t turn down. In fact for some reason or the other it’s been a week of great indulgence and things that I just didn’t have the heart to say no to. This time I thought instead of writing long winding posts about each ( because they are all worth talking about ) I thought I’d just sum up the hectic food frenzied week ( and a half ) that was, These are some of the places worth talking about –

SOCIAL – Social Offline is increasing popular in Delhi and Bangalore and has become the IT place to go to in these last two weeks. It has also become my unofficial work space as I’ve had meetings there so often this last week I think I’ve sampled 50% of the menu by now. Social is a cafe that doubles up as a work space in the day ( possibly the coolest office you could have ) and one can be a member and avail of all their facilities and the cocktails are fun, I think the novelty is that they’re presented in this quirky manner and it’s exciting the first time you get it but they’re also tasty( the two that I had were the candy floss cosmo like one and the Earl of Grey which is a great Gin and Earl Grey Tea combo ). 

Food wise I pick both Sid and Kiran’s breakfast options , they are beautiful and if you’re a breakfast person and you want eggs, bacon, beans – the works , these are yummers as I like to say and available right upto 7pm. Yay ! I also really liked the Mexican spicy lamb poutine which is basically a calorie fest of cheese, french fries, cheese sauce and (mildly) spicy minced meat – Heaven ! The funkiest thing on this menu is their Banofee Cronut. In case you were wondering, banofee is one of my fav desserts ( banana and toffee ) and a cronut is a confused dessert because it’s a cross between a croissant and donut. Weirdly. It works. It took me a while to figure if I like this oddball dessert ( it’s a craze all over ) but I think I do. If you’re going to add bananas and caramel toffee to it then yes I definitely like it! Caution – This is a sugar fest and you need at least 3 people to help you finish it. It’s incredibly sweet though the banana helps cut through some of the sweetness, it’s still a lot of sugar.

CONSULATE OF SWEDEN DINNER – It’s not every day that you get a brief insight into Swedish cuisine and certainly not every day that you are invited to the home of the Swedish Consulate General who is happy to cook for you! This dinner was a small insight into the kind of food they cook and eat. The meal consisted of the best smoked salmon and cream cheese flatbread I have had in a while, Jansen’s surprise and a delightfully simple tasty apple pie. The Jansen’s surprise is a bake dish of thinly sliced potatoes, cheese and anchovies dusted with bread crumbs and baked. It reminds me of the classic bakes we Parsis can’t seem to get enough of and somehow eerily similar to something my grandma would make all the time. It’s nice to see a familiar dish come ( minus the anchovies ) from a cuisine I hadn’t even thought about before. I also managed to sample some Elk and Reindeer chips which are very similar to beef jerky in terms or texture and even taste but it’s not beef. Yep, that’s right, I ate Rudolph and he’s really tasty!

NIKHIL MERCHANT DINNER – One of my favourite bloggers was kind enough to invite me to an exclusive 7 course dinner party at his house recently and when you get an invite like that – you drop everything and just go! Nikhil Merchant aka the Nonchalant Gourmand is, in a word – awesome. Superbly talented in the kitchen Nikhil creates some really wonderful food. The very few and dare I say privileged get invited to these dinners and I know so many ladies who would give an arm to attend one of these. His dinners are where he gets creative and experiments and cooks up a storm. There’s just one catch to this dinner – no guest is ever repeated nor are any of the dishes he makes. It’s the only way he can push himself and do more. Interestingly the dinners are vegetarian because he doesn’t cook meat at home which I think is amazing because that’s even more challenging and throughout my meal, all seven course, I didn’t miss the meat even once. Nikhil recently curated a menu at the restaurant The White Owl which I reviewed a little earlier and after eating that, I couldn’t wait for this dinner. The menu for the night featured the cutest mini fondue amuse bouche, a supreme carrot and orange soup, beautiful crostinis, a white wine sorbet and a stunning key lime pie with lemonchello to name a few. Nikhil’s blog has all his recipes and during season time, he makes the most ridiculously delicious Strawberry Jam. This isn’t something he does commercially and doesn’t profit from these at all. He’s not a restaurant that I can review and you can call and book a table but my blog is all about my experience and things that I love. Restaurant or not, you should know there are some very talented folks out there who write about food and I think he needs to be written about. I’ve posted all the pictures from the dinner here. You can read his blog here.

CAFE NEMO – Omg I found Nemo and I love him! This adorable cafe tucked away in Worli, just off the sealink is possibly becoming my new favourite place to hang out. The food is a mix of cuisines and dishes but somehow meshes together and works well. Nemo has this incredibly relaxed aura and is as simple as they come. No fuss, no frills just good food which I enjoy. I’m not saying this is extraordinary fare, but I’m saying it’s good food and I’m happy to go back and eat more. My top picks would have to be the mushroom and tofu gyoza ( shocking I picked a veg dish as my absolute favourite but hey, stranger things have been known to happen 😉 Also the truffle and shrimp in a broth , Noodle Bowl, Seoul Bowl and steamed bekti are my favourites. Note to self – one bowl is equivalent to a meal. Pls do not eat with your eyes and over order.