Biryani, Burger And Bread – Food Discoveries This Week !

This post is all about discovering some delicious food without breaking the bank. Let’s be honest, the food industry is single handedly taking all my money,( well them and the taxis of Mumbai ) and it gets really hard to fine relatively affordable eating options. I’m not talking about stuff I can eat in under Rs 500 ( though I’m going to get there very soon ), but a meal that justifies the money you pay for it and leaves you satisfied. Here’s a quick round up of my recent food discoveries!

Le Beriyan – I read this name and thought it’s some Indian restaurant or snooty bistro in a city in Europe trying to be trendy but what it is really, is an awesome take away joint stashed away in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. I have no idea why it’s spelt like that or where the ‘ le ‘ comes from but to be honest I don’t even care. I managed to order some simple and surprisingly non oily biryani from them which I relished with pleasure. The butter chicken and Afghan chicken biryanis were the best. I also discovered some very tender chicken tikka and lamb kebabs which the guy on the other end of the line taking my order was hesitant to give me because he felt it wouldn’t travel well. It was nice of him to give me warning but I don’t think he needs to worry too much, they were lovely and I wish I had ordered more.  Then again, kebabs are those things that are gone in 60 seconds and never enough even if you have ten plates of them! Specially in my house. This place is just two months old so it will be good to see how they manage and if they can sustain themselves but it was a pleasant change from the usual suspects my family pledges its biryani allegiance to.

Two One Two Bar and Grill – This is one of the finer restaurants the city has to offer but doesn’t fit into every tax bracket. The food is exquisite and so are their prices which makes dining here rare. The best way to sample their goodies is to attack their exclusive weekday lunch menu. You can choose any 3 things from a list of soup, salad, mains and dessert of the day for a grand total of Rs 700 all inclusive which quite honestly is a steal for a 3 course meal. The best part is along with their regular lunch menu which includes a long list of yummies like burgers, sea bass, ravioli, etc they have another menu as well.

The restaurant has recently introduced a special ‘ healthy’ lunch menu which is basically options from the main menu but without even an ounce of butter, cheese, oil etc. It’s what I like to call the ‘boring’ menu but it’s extremely healthy and surprisingly has a lot of takers. I guess not everyone has the time or energy for long heavy lunches. Either way, this weekday lunch menu is a hit with me and judging by the full house when I dined there, it’s obviously very popular with the office folk. My top picks would be their delicious tenderloin burger and their simple but mouthwatering salads and the Australian Sea-bass which was to die for.

Theobroma Bread Bonanza – Theobroma has been dishing out baked goodies for eons now and just to prove that they can make and bake anything, they’ve launched a range of artisanal breads. Bread has come a long way from being just your regular loaf or the occasional baguette if you’re trying to be fancy.  Today it’s all about the health aspect, the flavour combination and of course how diverse it is and how you can serve it differently. 

These breads let me tell you are delicious and magnifico! My favourites are the walnut and hazenut, apricot and walnut and the cranberry and raspberry breads. These are not only terrific on their own but work great as crostinis as well. Theobroma also makes a beautiful chili and herb butter, where the chili is mild but pairs really well with the breads. They also have a chocolate hazelnut spread which is a hit with chocolate lovers but I prefer good ol flavoured butter.