The Lakeland Launch

A lot of times brands ask various bloggers to associate with them or be a part of their campaign in some way. This is a very popular phenomenon with fashion bloggers but not unheard of for food either. I was recently asked if I would be interested in inviting some of my blogger friends to an event where the brand wanted to do a little demo and introduce their product range to people. I usually stay away from things like this because to be very honest it’s time consuming to co ordinate with everyone and none of the people that approach me seemed interesting. This is of course before I was asked by Lakeland.

For those of you who aren’t interested in cooking or who won’t sell your soul for good baking tins or sharp stunning knives you might not care but if you’re a baker and spend enough time in the kitchen, this brand is about to become your new best friend.

Lakeland is a U.K based brand known for its stunning cooking and baking equipment range. The products are of premium quality and are catered to making your kitchen experience more convenient and fun. The event I was asked about was to specifically show case some of their fun products and once you see them, you will understand why I couldn’t say no to them.

We had two events one in Mumbai where they are yet to open their store I think it’s scheduled early next year and one in Pune at their store which has been up for a while now. While the products they displayed in Mumbai had everyone in a tizzy it’s not half as exciting as experiencing the store itself!
From exquisite knife sets adorable colourful cupcake molds cookie cutters chocolate molds bread makers waffle makers burger press a tagine to only a 100 more things this store has everything you could possibly want or need in your kitchen.

If that’s not enough they introduced these amazing cupcake makers and cake pop makers that are electric so you don’t actually need an oven to bake them! It’s perfect For someone like me that doesn’t bake specifically because I don’t have an oven. You’d be surprised by how easy and compact the entire contraption is.

They also have the cutest mini chocolate fountain and a waffle maker both which they had on display but neither of them cuter than the candy floss maker . Yup that’s right a small candy floss maker that is ideal for kiddie or even adult birthday parties at home.

They even organised a small icing demonstration with various novels so once your cupcake or cake pop was ready you were taught how to decorate it and this was taught to everyone by Chef  Shahzad Variava of master chef India fame who I have to say was extremely patient and incredibly helpful.

I’m glad I got the chance to do this and realized that not only do I want to associate with different innovative and fun things but most importantly something I can afford. It’s extremely important and while Lakeland isn’t cheap it is after all a premium brand it isn’t outlandishly expensive either.

A big thank you to everyone who came and had a blast and overdosed on all the sweet stuff and thanks Lakeland for making kitchen shopping a whole lotta fun!

Ps – next time for my birthday you know where to buy my presents from 😉