Ecuador, Chocolate & A Whole Lot Of Madness

I was once asked what my favourite destination is or what my wishlist would be and I have to say it’s really like picking your favourite child- You just can’t pick one! I’d like to think the world is my oyster and I’d love to travel and see every part of it. I must confess that despite being an eager beaver and wanting to travel all over, South America holds a very special place in my heart. A friend had once said “Roxy you have latin blood in you ” who knows maybe I was born South American in my last life but it’s a continent that fascinates me. I have no immediate travels plans to visit any of their countries unfortunately, but the closest I got recently was at a beautiful event hosted by the Ecuador Consulate in Mumbai, the launch of their brand – The Chocolate Factory Ecuador.

Ecuadorian chocolate is considered to be one of the best and I suppose only natural that they want to show case it. They’ve teamed up with an extraordinary chef and come up with an exquisite line of gourmet chocolates. Varun Inamdar is a talented chef whose accomplishments are many and the illustrious people he’s fed all over the world are plenty. Chef Varun is so talented and so well established, yet one of the nicest human beings you will ever have the privilege of meeting. I’ve met him on numerous occasions ( you tend to meet a lot of foodie people at various events ) even worked with him, watched him perform chocolate demonstrations and more importantly had the pleasure of tasting his creations. I’m not a chocolate fan, I make that very clear to everyone, but there are always a few that steal my heart and Chef Varun’s chocolates are some of the few.

Unfortunately due to another commitment I reached this party a little late so missed the formal introductions, the presentation on Ecuador and the actual launch of the chocolates. However, by the time I got there, the party was alive and kicking. Amidst the crazy music, dancing, copious amounts of wine and socializing, I managed to meet Chef Varun and congratulate him and was also introduced to Hector Cueva Jacome, the Consul General Of Ecuador in Mumbai who was promised me a true blue Ecuadorian meal. This is one promise I’m going to hold him to!

Ecuador as a country is intriguing to me because while Brazil,Argentina, Chile, Peru and some other countries have been aggressively marketing themselves and you see more people travelling there, I am yet to learn about Ecuador, it’s people, it’s history and of course, most importantly, it’s food! This might be my first tryst with the country, but it certainly won’t be my last.

For all you chocolate lovers who want to get their hands on the chocolate, I’m told they will be available across all gourmet stores very soon.