Breakfast of Champions – ITC Maratha and their Peshwa Pavilion

One of the most exciting meals when I travel is breakfast. When I’m at home it’s nothing fancy maybe the odd egg or toast but when I travel is when I really indulge and do justice to a breakfast buffet. I was recently asked to meet someone over a breakfast meeting and while it sounded very tempting, the reality of waking up and getting ready so I could reach on time was far from delightful. To make matters worse my meeting was scheduled at the other end of where I live, temptingly close to the international airport ! If you know me, you will know I detest travelling within the city and hate going anywhere near the airport unless it’s to hop onto a plane! However this was a very important meeting and once I wasn’t going to miss under any circumstance.


The highlight really was that it was breakfast at one of the city’s most interesting hotels and sadly one I haven’t frequented as often as I would have liked. I love trying new places and I’m pleased to say that the breakfast at Peshwa Pavilion at the ITC Maratha was worth every effort that morning.


At first glance the spread at the buffet looks like any regular spread but its only when you go up close and inspect do you notice all the little additions that you don’t always see everywhere else. The hotel is primarily a business hotel so you see a lot of folks rushing and even various airline crew and surprisingly this is a very popular spot for breakfast because there was almost always a couple of people waiting outside to be seated.


Expect all the usual suspects like eggs to order, waffles, pancakes, cold cuts, cheese, fruit and juice along with popular Asian options but this luscious spread holds much more on their counters.



They have an interesting section called Pavilion Pure where they have fresh fruit and vegetable juice which is made on request so it’s not just sitting in a jug for hours. They’re freshly squeezed and have no preservatives or sugar added. A separate section called Local Love which I find adorable because they highlight local treats like Pav Bhaji, Kanda Poha etc.



I know people are really trying to include a lot ย of grains in their diet so this breakfast spread is perfect for them because you will find everything from quinoa, bajra, millet, ragi and every other nutritional grain. It isn’t really something I would personally pick for my breakfast but its nice to have the choice.


They pride themselves on various teas and coffees specially their South Indian style kapi but what I found incredibly amusing and actually what I think is a really fun addition is this young lad walking around the place with a steel kettle of steam hot tea and a tray of small glasses, typically like you be served on any street corner. I declined since I don’t drink tea but the person dining with me ended up with two cups or should I say glasses of tea.

The most exciting part of this buffet I have to say is their incredible bread selection. You don’t notice at first glance but if you sit and count there are nearly 16 -18 different types of breads on display. While there are choices of chocolate or multi grain croissant, I picked the humble plain buttery flaky original croissant since the generous folks on twitter gave me their suggestions on what I should eat here and the Croissant was on top of the list. Absolutely no complaints here, it is a perfect buttery croissant that I would imagine eating anywhere in Europe.




Eggs are great and so are cold cuts but when I come to the ITC, I have to admit I want to try their South Indian spread. The buffet has lots including a host of podis and chutneys and if I’m being completely honest, a lot of dishes I can’t remember because I was so over whelmed with the spread that it becomes difficult to choose.


My morning meal turned out to be fabulous with my meeting going extremely well and being spoilt for choice with breakfast. The sad part is I don’t think I really did justice to this meal. It is a bit far for me to confidently promise that I will return despite the food being so tempting but maybe on my way to anf from the airport, I’ll pop in again and relish the rest of the spread.


Ps – I find I end up doing a lot of meetings over breakfast and am thinking of starting a breakfast series in the city. Let me know what your favourite brekkie spots are as I love trying new places ! Who knows, maybe I’ll even review them ๐Ÿ™‚