The Jack Daniel’s Story

There seems to be this big fallacy that women only drink vodka and cocktails and men only drink whiskey but for this particular lass it doesn’t hold true. I’m a whiskey girl and I’ll always pick a whiskey over any other drink if given a choice. Even when it comes to cocktails my preferred drink of choice is a glass of old fashioned or a whiskey sour and when it comes to my choice of whiskey it’s always been a glass of J.D. It was one of the first good quality whiskeys I was introduced to and it is only then you realise the rubbish you’ve been drinking once you taste the good stuff. I’m not one to talk about alcohol nor do I review a lot of liquor on my website but on Jack Daniel distillery’s 150th anniversary, it would seem Jack Daniel’s is making me feel a tad bit nostalgic.

Jack Daniel's Whiskey


While drinking it at parties and nightclubs became a regular feature I can’t seem to remember my first tryst with the drink. I do however remember a very specific moment when I think it was love at first bite. A very popular restaurant in Bandrahad plenty of good dishes on their elaborate menu but one seemed to stand out far more than the others and turned into be one of my memorable dishes. Nothing fancy but just a simple helping of ice cream heavily flavoured with beautiful Jack Daniel’s Whiskey dusted with a few specs of sea salt and some crushed cookies making it officially my favourite ice cream flavour. I remember two things from my humble dessert. Firstly what struck me as impressive was the simplicity of this creation and the fact that it wasn’t complicated at all. Secondly that if I took away all the cola I’d been mixing in my J.D I’d have a lot of deliciousness that I can infused into other dishes as well.

Post this ice cream discovery, I started gorging on cakes generously infused with whiskey and then went onto to enjoying these special Jack Daniel’s infused chocolates (I always pick them up from duty free at the airport). So now not only do I drink my whiskey I tend to eat it too!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s promotes Responsible Drinking. 

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