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An extension of my experiences that I share on the blog and my social media are now in the form of my very own travel tours. They're simply called The Tiny Taster Tours and this is where you get to travel with me, your own personal tour guide to beautiful locations around the world to experience the magic I have. Each tour is unique and specially curated to suit the destination in mind with fixed departure dates so in case you can't make it for one please get in touch and I'll keep you updated on the next one. In addition to my international tours I've also launched local ones where you can hire me to be your guide in Mumbai. It's my city, it's where I was born and raised and who better to show you around than a true blue Mumbaiker. I have set food tours which are listed below but if you're looking for a spot of customisation feel free to get in touch - Roxanne.Bamboat@gmail.com

Upcoming Tours



On our next adventure coming up for the month of May 2020 we're headed
back to one of my favourite countries – South Africa. This tour is a little
different from the previous one we did. This includes exploring Cape Town,
visiting Penguins, watching seals splash around, staying over night in South
Africa's famous wine region and indulging in wine tours visiting vineyards and
wineries to sample the produce and of course an amazing wildlife adventure
on safari.
For more details please email me at – roxanne.bamboat@gmail.com



The Parsis are a small but illustrious community that have helped shape the foundation of the country. They migrated to India over a 1000 years ago and on this tour you learn about their culture customs and tradition. Most importantly the tour ends with a Parsi meal and a deep insight into their distinctive cuisine which is tremendously popular in Mumbai.  Contact for more details – roxanne.bamboat@gmail.com


This walking tour takes you on an adventure through South Bombay to visit the city’s iconic old Irani Cafes. 100 year old eateries that are the heart and soul of this bustling city. Learn about the history and heritage of the Parsi/Irani community, their contribution towards building the city and of their own unique cuisine.

This is a walking tour which includes food samples. Click on the link to book a tour or email for details.


I also custom make local tours within the city of Mumbai. As a local that’s been born and brought up in the city I’m happy to tailor make a tour specially for you depending on the amount of time you have to explore or your interest ( food history heritage shopping etc )

Please email me for a more customised private tour – roxanne.bamboat@gmail.com

Contact me

send me an email roxanne.bamboat@gmail.com

Past Tours



We spent 9 beautiful days exploring the highlights of South Africa. From scenic Cape Town to picturesque Knysna to the magnificant African wild safaris.

Parsi Food Walk


This tour is the perfect introduction to the North African country of Morocco.  8 nights spent exploring Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fes, Chefchaouen and Rabat. Sightseeing, local meals and an over Moroccan experience.


Devika Vaid

Morroco has been my on my mind since the last 2 years, when I heard that the Tiny Taster Tours announced their trip I immediately signed up not knowing what I was in for as it was the first time I was traveling on a guided tour. I can safely say that this was one of the best holiday experiences of my life, made the most of our time and was economically priced also. The mix of people who were on the trip was also great and everything was really well organized. Will highly recommends these tours.

Vanitaa Lalwani

Travelling is about getting out there and taking a break from the ordinary. I cannot speak highly enough about Roxanne and the way she puts her heart and soul behind the trips she plans. When I read about the Tour she was planning for Morocco I called her to inquire and just then the decision was made a very spontaneous one I must say but also the best one I’ve ever made.Morocco by #thetinytastertours was the best way to see the place. Roxanne curated the tour along with Quantum Holidays and it was just right. We were given our time to do things that we wanted. Unlike other tours where u have to stick to the Itinerary. The flexibility was amazing.

Roxanne is just amazing and dedicated making the travel seamlessly fun. She is cheerful and always willing to help.

I am an introvert and for me to travel without my comfort blanket of people around me was scary and to be honest a couple of days before we were scheduled to depart I was beating myself up for the rash decision looking back I now have no regrets but just some very fond memories.

All I can say is She is just brilliantly Amazing and I Cant wait for the next tour planned by her.

Shaista Vaishnav

Roxanne is a bundle of good energy and a joy to travel with. I joined her second organised tour – which was to Morocco, where she took care of us from the moment we met at the airport to the moment we hugged goodbye. She made sure each of our quirks was attended to, be it bringing me an extra neck pillow for long bus journeys or making sure we each got to shop for whatever it was we wanted, and lots more. She’s thoughtful, she takes charge and, bonus, she’s a whole lot of fun!

Jeena Billimoria

Our trip to South Africa, planned by Roxanne Bamboat & Quantum Holidays, superseded all expectations. From the get go, each detail was carefully looked into and taken care of (All the visa applications and form fillings were handled effortlessly by Quantum). We literally just had to rock up to the airport and prepare ourselves for a fantastic time. The itinerary covered all the things one would have liked to see & do, especially on a first visit. It really was a far cry from a standard “group tour”. Everything from food to the entrance fees and transport was taken care of in advance. While we had the best tour guide (Glen) for most of our trip, Roxanne herself went above and beyond to ensure we all had the best holiday – whether it was with fantastic food and culture facts or just being her funny, laugh-a-minute self. She always put us first. What was also lovely was having the evenings off to do as we pleased – most of the time it was dinner at amazing restaurants. I remember wanting to get a bite on one of the nights and everyone else was too knackered to come and Roxanne (being exhausted herself) came with me so I wouldn’t be alone. This tour had plenty of room for sightseeing, shopping, dining and safaris and I don’t think anyone else could’ve done a better job of planning this. I wouldn’t think twice about going for a holiday in any part of the world that Roxanne & Quantum have curated. It brought random but like-minded people together and has left us with beautiful memories and new friendships. It’s one of those things that has to be experienced for yourself! Kudos to Roxanne!

Kartik & Natasha Vaswani

Quantum and Roxanne did a fantastic job planning our trip to South Africa. This was our first ever group holiday, and we were more than pleasantly surprised. It was a very small group as opposed to most tour groups that are so large that you feel a bit lost in the crowd. The best part about a small group however, is that you get to know every person you travel with on a personal level and that actually led to us making some life long friends!

Thanks to their meticulous planning, we were able to experience the best of what South Africa has to offer. One of the biggest benefits of having Roxanne and Quantum plan our trip was the fact that we had our meals at some of the best local restaurants, each one carefully selected by the team. We highly recommend Roxanne and the team at Quantum as planners for international trips, because not only do they get you the best rate, but you are also relieved of the stress of planning an itinerary, applying for visas and all other travel related hassles! You can just enjoy your holiday and leave the rest to them.

Trupti Marolia

I VISITED AFRICA – my fourth continent. I was a part of the very first #TheTinyTasterTours curated by Roxanne Bamboat of @thetinytaster. South Africa was on my bucket list for a very long time and I don’t know anyone else who planned it as well as Roxanne did. The itinerary was perfect. It was a group tour but it felt more like family. We visited Cape Town, knysna, Johannesburg, etc. But my most cherished memory was being in the middle of the jungle at the gorgeous Mabula Game Lodge and going on safaris to see the wildlife. I almost shed a tear of joy when I saw the two lions fighting (read playing) with each other. What a phenomenal experience!!!

Although, it was a planned trip, we got a few evenings to ourselves to explore the food scene and it didn’t disappoint. Roxanne really did take care of every little detail and also left a very thoughtful gift for us at the end of the trip. I am still using those spices 🙂

Thank you Roxanne & Quantum Holidays for an unforgettable experience. I have started saving money for the next one.